What is Roll Your Way?

Roll Your Way allows the reader to experience a compelling story line while also getting the chance to influence the adventure and play a game. The books are designed to be enjoyed by all ages, and encourage the reader to pick it up again and again to play through all of the different possibilities.

We currently have 2 adventures available (with more in the works). Each book can be read independently, as they each have their own quest objective and victims…I mean adventurers.

Through the Graveyard will take you on a quest to save a child suffering from a mysterious illness. In order to make the potion needed to save his life, the adventurers will need to collect a special ingredient from a nearby graveyard. Sounds easy right? Check out a sample of this story below!

Through the Dark Forest will take you on a quest to escort a princess to her wedding in a neighboring kingdom. Of course, it wouldn’t be an adventure without a few things standing in your way.


Let Fate Decide


Roll Your Way is not designed to be read from cover to cover! In fact, you would be pretty confused if you decided to try it that way. Instead, the story will branch off at various points requiring the reader to roll a 4-sided die to progress. Rolling high will lead to greater rewards for the characters, while rolling a one could lead to one of the alternate endings. Fear not, if you reach an undesirable endpoint you can just start over again! And the best part is that rolling a die and leaving things up to chance helps avoid the guilt of making a bad choice.


Check out a sample from Through the Graveyard