We create original Graphic Novels!

Bet you’d like to know more about that huh? Well you came to the right place.

Our graphic novels focus on fantasy-adventure stories for all ages!

We currently have two book series to choose from depending on your style of reading. Want a traditional cover to cover read? Check out Perils Ahead to follow the story of Neil, a dungeon troll who works as a janitor of sorts. You know, resetting the traps, cleaning up after the adventurers who wander in, collecting bones as a hobby (he’s a weird guy) . We guarantee you will enjoy it so much, you will wish there was another book to continue the story (I mean, we are calling it a series after all). Stay tuned!

If you want a slightly different read; maybe one that is a little more interactive, you will definitely want to check out our Roll Your Way series. Put the story (and the character’s lives) in the hand of fate as you roll a 4-sided die at various points to progress through the book. We currently have two quest lines available, both of which are independent stories, so you can choose to read either one (although we are pretty sure you will want both). The best part: you will get a free 4-sided die with each book!

Want to know more about the books? Or maybe you want to know a little more about the creators (we are pretty great)? Click the links below!

Perils Ahead

Perils Ahead, turn back while you still can! Or don’t, because it is pretty cool.

Roll Your Way

You’re going to want to check this out TRUST ME! (insert evil laugh)

About the Author and Artist

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