Who Are We?

The Perilous Adventure Studios Dream Team


Jeremy Vinar

Comics have always been my passion, but I did get a little sidetracked after college by pursuing a career as a video game artist. After years of working on games no one has ever heard of, something amazing happened…the company went under and I was free. Unfortunately with that freedom came the realization that in order to survive in the world a job is pretty essential.

One thing I’ve definitely learned as an artist over the years is that it is hard to make a living as one. But since I can’t imagine doing anything else, I decided to keep moving forward and came to the conclusion to make my own comic to see what happened.

After sorting out the entire plot on a long road trip with my wife Ashley, Perils Ahead started taking shape. Before I knew it, I had written, illustrated, and self-published my first graphic novel (Ashley, of course, helped too). We had so much fun, we decided to keep going, and now Ashley and I table at various comic book and small press conventions sharing our creations.

Some Fun Facts

Favorite Movies: Big Trouble in Little China, Clue

Hobbies: Playing World of Warcraft (this if probably more of an addiction…for the Alliance!), staring out into the middle distance, making faces in the mirror

Dislikes: Roller coasters (although my wife make me ride them anyway), wearing costumes, pickles

Ashley Vinar

Animal behavior specialist by day, and storyteller by night!

I’ve always wanted nothing more than to be transported to another world where I could spend my time adventuring, but unfortunately I haven’t exactly found that magic portal to escape reality…yet. So while I continue my search, I decided that I could share the fantasy worlds in my head with others through my writing.

After Jeremy finished with Perils Ahead and we had tabled at a couple conventions, I decided that we should work together to make something unique, and the Roll Your Way series was the result. People often ask me how I design the branching paths for the books, and the answer is pretty simple: lots of index cards arranged on the carpet!

Some Fun Facts

Favorite Movies: Tron, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Hobbies: SCA Rapier, making convention table displays, planning trips to Disney World

Dislikes: Olives (they are disgusting!), spiders, zombie movies


Axel Website.jpg


He tends to be a constant interruption to getting anything done, but since he is so adorable, we keep him around!

Likes: attention (lots of it), plush purple rhino toy, licking condensation off cups, Cartoon Network

Dislikes: any sudden movements, having nails trimmed, boarding

Iggy Website.jpg


He supervises…that’s pretty much it

Likes: crickets, roaches, blueberries

Dislikes: baths

Want us to table at your convention? Hire Jeremy as an artist? Ashley as a writer? Or just chat with us?

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